Fantastic Bake Along – Ode To Chocolate (late edition :D )

So after a very hectic week+weekend, I finally found the time to bake a cake for the monthly Fantastic Bake Along, hosted by Tracy @ It’s a T-Sweets Day!

This month was Tami@Tanglewood Knots turn to chose a recipe. Her suggestion was for everyone to share their favorite chocolate recipe.

Of course I couldn`t miss this one. So better late than never, here is my recipe to a delicious chocolate cake:
200g butter
200g good quality chocolate
4 medium size eggs
200g of sugar
1tbs honey
75g of plain flour
25g of cocoa powder

Now in a bowl melt butter and the chocolate au bain marie style, stirring occasionally:


Add sugar and honey and stir until the sugar melts. Take the bowl of the steam and let it cool a bit.

The slowly add one by one the eggs. Mix well inbetween. I usually mix for at least 1 minute with hand mixer after adding each egg and at least 2 extra minutes after adding the last egg.


Then in another bowl mix the flour and cocoa well together and sift it couple of time. Then add the dry ingredients into the chocolate mix.

Carefully fold the batter until all the flour incorporates, but be careful not to overmix it.

Pour the mix into greased tin (I used 25×25 cm) and bake for 25min at 170 degrees (Celsius)

So this is my basic recipe for the chocolate cake. But this time I decided to add something little extra. In the supermarket I bought this delicious chocolate:


And after I poured the batter into the tin I lightly pushed the extra pieces of chocolate into the batter.


Smoothened it all out and only then I baked the cake.


Such a pity I`m on a diet this month… I probably would eat half of the cake tonight πŸ˜€

And last, but not least, here are the bakers/cooks normally participating in the Fantastic BAL. Check out their post for amazing recipes.

9 thoughts on “Fantastic Bake Along – Ode To Chocolate (late edition :D )

  1. That cake looks amazing 😍 I love the β€˜Schogetten’ chocolate! What a clever little thing you are to incorporate it into the recipe πŸ˜ƒ I do admire your willpower…last month, in honor of my diet…I did not participate in the Bake Along πŸ˜‚

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