Spinning singles

So yesterday evening our spinning group organized a workshop on how to spin balanced singles… I have not been spinning for very long, but my yarn is getting nicer and more even, so I decided to join it, and learn new technique.

We all received a bag with 2 unwashed batts. I never spun greasy wool before, and I found the feel of it bit weird… Also I don not like the smell of lanoline very much, but I had to suck it up 😀

The guy hosting the workshop has been spinning for very long time, and brought some interesting samples. After a small introduction and instructions, I started to spin. I wanted to try to make a thicker yarn, but my wheel is not design to spin thick or art yarn. So I kept trying to spin thinner and thinner. But still I kept putting too much twist into the yarn…

I guess it is needless to say, there is a long way ahead of me, before I manage to spin proper well balanced single… 😀


8 thoughts on “Spinning singles

  1. That’s like trying to learn two things at once though. Wool with grease and low twist singles. Truly, it may have gone better for you if you were able to try one or the other at this juncture! Nevertheless, any practice on a new technique is good practice.

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    1. Everyone at my spinning group spins for years already, so I guess they didn’t count with newbies when choosing the wool 😀 but it wasn’t that difficult to spin greasy wool, it was just felt weird touching it… i think I prefer nicely washed fibres…. 😊

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    1. I met a lady once during our crafty meeting, who spun and I found it fascinating. i started first with drop and support spindle and one day I saw Pipy (my current wheel) being sold online for very cheap, so I got it and I moved onto spinning on wheels. youtube is always a great help for me, when learning something new… 😊

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