Irish lace workshop

Some time ago, I have posted a list of things I would like to learn before the end of 2017, nr.1 being spinning wool and nr.2 crocheting Irish lace.

Spinning is progressing very nicely, so I’m happy about that. For the Irish lace, well unfortunatelly I haven’t done much about it, as other projects had higher priority.

However on the end of November our local craft store organized a workshop on Irish laces. So of course, as soon as I saw that, I cleared my partner’s agenda, so he would stay at home with the kids and I could go to the workshop 😊

It was great I went. I have to admit, I didn’t learn a lot of new things, since Irish laces, is basically crocheting with very fine thread and hook, but it was so nice to go out and try it.

Well I don’t have a picture of the things I made during the workshop, because they were horibbly colour mismatched. So as soon as I got home I frogged it all, reorganized the colours, went back to the store to get fine hooks and started all over again….

It took me some time to crochet all the pieces, but last week I managed to do it. Of course work like that had to be blocked

and then I had to wait for few days for the pieces to be dry.

Finally last night I found some time to put it all together and finish off the necklace.

And also I decided to pimp it up with some beads. ☺

The colours are not really my style, as I had limited choice of yarn to work with, but I’m very happy with the final result 😊

Well even if I didn’t manage to do as much Irish laces this year as I would like, the necklace is a good start…


5 thoughts on “Irish lace workshop

    1. thank you. im not sure when my next irish lace’s going to be. i love the look of it, but there are not that many practical uses for it… a wedding dress would be a perfect project (now I have to find a way to have my partner read this and take a hint 😁😁😁)

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