Joining the world of Instagram….

Well I finally did it! I joined Instagram…

I never understood the use of it, like you post a picture and??? But here is no “and”, you just post a picture and that’s it….Β  ok, so what’s the use of that???

Anyway, lots of people were asking me if Im on Instagram, so couple of days ago I downloaded the app…

And today I made my first post. Picture of the unfinished Thomas hat.


I’m still trying to figure out, how that thing works, but as one person sold it to me: it’s basically a micro-blog. Well, with lack of time and energy lately, that description appeals to me.

So if you want to pop over, my user name is lucia.bdn

I will basically share the same pictures here, so I made the account public… 😊

Ok, does anyone have good tips on how to utilize that Instagram thing? πŸ˜€


13 thoughts on “Joining the world of Instagram….

  1. Instagram is supposed to be easy and stress free. I have found that to be the case! There is none of the Facebook drama and I find it to be a light hearted social media site. I use unique hashtags that I have personally created so that way I can track what I am posting if I ever need to go back and see what I have posted previously. (in the case of vacation pictures, etc) I have mine private, but that is so I can choose specifically who I allow to follow me (if you are private, people have to request to follow you)
    It is one of my few favorite social media sites and would highly recommend it!

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    1. thank you for the tip with the hastags. i made my FB drama free, but i’m going to give Instagram a chance too 😊 even though, i only plan to use it for my crafty things, but looking at other people’s almost professional photos, i might need to address the quality of my pictures first, i think πŸ˜€

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  2. I’ll go follow you! I’ve been getting more into instagram as I’ve had less time to write blog posts lately. It’s really good to just share pictures with a short story but I’ve been a bit struggling to get the followers there, I think that I don’t post regularly enough πŸ˜…

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  3. My sister’s the knitter in the family, so I’ll definitely pass your Instagram on to her! I’ve had more fun with Instagram than other social media options (like Pinterest), because it lets me easily take work-in-progress photos and share projects between blog posts. People seem attracted to it–and it’s easy to reshare photos on Facebook for people who use that instead of Instagram.

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