Back to old WIP

It`s been some time since I wrote an update on a WIP project.

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a shawl for my mother in law. Since my last post I have made some progress. I finally found the way to make it a perfect shape, now the question was how I want to finish it. And believe it or not I`m almost there… It took me a year longer than expected, but the shawl is almost done 🙂


(I need to find a better spot to make a photo of the finish shawl )

I`m guessing I still need to make couple of rows on the sides and then a row along the whole thing, block it and I`m done…. I can hardly believe it 😀

Also I started a new WIP. This time it is a hat for my boy. He is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine trains, so I`m making him a Thomas hat. He hates wearing hats, so I hope this way I can make him wear one. I`m still only at the beginning, so there is not much to show of, but well this is it:


So that`s all for now. Hopefully my next post will be a FO of that frustrating shawl for my mother in law (I might pop a bottle of champagne open when that happens 😀 )


10 thoughts on “Back to old WIP

    1. thank you! she is now visiting us, so I’m working hard on finishing it for her. It was supposed to be a christmas present last year, but too many things were up and i never managed to finish it… until now… 😀


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