Last year I have made several, mostly Minion, hats and one of my friends really liked the 2 layer “construction” I use for winter hats, to make them extra warm and windproof, so she asked me to make one for her daughter`s 1st birthday.

I had an idea to make a cute cable hat with earflaps already for some time, so when she asked me to make the hat, without any hesitation, I knew the cable pattern I had made in my head, would be a perfect design for it.

I have started on the outer layer last week and managed to finished it over the weekend, so now I`m working on the inner layer. (you have to excuse the blurry picture, but my phone is starting to break down 😦 )


Also today I had bit of time to wash and block the woolen hat, so it has time to dry and I can put the 2 layers together before the end of the week. (this picture was taken with different phone… Much better, only the colour is blueish instead of grey as it should be… I really need to find my old camera back….)


The birthday party is on Saturday, so I`m pretty sure I will manage to finish the whole hat before that.

I hope my friend will like it as much as I do 🙂


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