Oops I did it again – another impulse buy

Not much progress on my current WIP. Still busy with the 2nd sock. It is growing slowly, but steadily…

This weekend I finally found some time to work in the garden. I had  big plans to give it a proper clean, since it started to look like a jungle in there. In the end I didn’t manage to do as much as I planned.

Half way through the weekend, I brought down my spinning wheel, that has been  stored in the attic since the living room renovation we did back in May.

Some time ago I wrote in one of my posts about me buying the wheel very cheap, but it wasn’t working, so I’ve been slowly fixing it. I still need to fix one minor issue, and I should be done.

While working on the spinning wheel, I got into habbit of looking on this website, where you can sell/buy 2nd hand stuff. Just looking for tools and spare parts…..

And on monday I spotted this old spinning wheel being sold for €5 and the pick up address was only 5 minutes drive from our house. So without much thinking I messaged the guy selling it, and an hour later my husband-to-be was driving there to pick it up. Luckily he seems quite understanding, even interested in my progress/plans with the spinning wheels.

Anyways, I knew the wheel was old, and on the picture you could see some things were not in good order. But it turned out the wheel must be at least 80years old, if not older. The guy’s grandmother had inherit it. Unlike the first wheel I got, this used to be a fully functioning wheel once, but with times things broke off and were mended the wrong way. But with the amount of research I’ve done on the mechanics of spinning wheels, I’m fairly confident, I’ll be able to fix and make it work again….

And here are some picture of the old beauty:


I so look forward to start fixing it…. 😊


3 thoughts on “Oops I did it again – another impulse buy

  1. This is an exciting find! I do want to try spinning at one point, I think that once we’ve made our big move I’ll look for spinning classes or workshops to give it a try 🙂 looking forward to see the repairs!

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    1. I wish I had bit more time to work on the wheels… i still need to sort out my workbench in shed, after that thing will hopefully go faster and I can finally start proper spinning. youtube will be my friend, with a newborn in the house it’s difficult to commit to any classes. maybe in the future…

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