WIP – socks… attempt nr. 1

It seems knitting socks is in nowdays, so I decided I’ll give it a go…. The only time I ever made socks was at least 25 years ago when I was a kid. I do not count them as I don’t even remember what colour they were….

So last winter I bought a ball of sock yarn and couple of days ago, I found it again in my yarn drawer. But after I looked online for a simple pattern, and saw all the funky colourful socks, I do not like the wool I have. It is kind of plain and boring…. Luckily my husband-to-be said if I’d knit him sock he’d wear it.

Well yesterday I popped into town and bought myself this short circular needle for knitting socks and I got to work…

I think I need to get used to knitting on such a small needle, because now it feels very uncomfortable to work on it for longer than few minutes… I might just switch to DPN.

I hope the socks will turn out amazingly and I will be all eager to make another pair, because yesterday in shop I couldn’t resist to buy this super soft colorful wool for my own socks 😀


6 thoughts on “WIP – socks… attempt nr. 1

  1. Good for you learning a new skill. And now there are so many options on how – DPN, two circs, small circs, magic loop, bent dpn. I’m slowly getting idea to magic loop after being a DPN girl for years, I finally had to admit they are better for traveling socks.


    1. i usually use magic loop when knitting hats. i didn’t even know it’s a special way of using the circular needle that has a name 😀 for me it was just a logical way to use it… i might use it for my next pair. I always wanted to try double knitting to make both socks at the same tim


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