New ideas for yet another crazy project…

So according to wordpress statistics, my last blog entry was a month ago… Seriously a whole month???? where did the time go????

I wish, I had tons of finish objects to show you, but tbh i didn’t manage to finish anything. My biggest accomplishment in the last month would be changing a leaky diaper in middle of night without waking the baby up… Wauw, isn’t it impressive? 😑

The summer dress I’ve been working on the past few months is not progressing at all. im having hard time to find a perfect way to put it all together. but im not giving up, i will finish it… one day…

But there is one thing I wanted to write about. Atm it is only an idea. I have a friend who moved to Philippines some time ago, to help local producer of silk to improve their business. He is always posting videos from the silk farm and the process of making silk started to really fascinate me. So I decided, Im going to give it a try… This is a long term project, so don’t expect pictures of beautiful silk yarn I made any time soon… I’m not even sure if it will work out. I’ve done a lot of research and decided to start with mulberry silk worm, as the fruit from plants needed for Eri silk worms are highly poisonous, and it didn’t seem like a good idea to have poisonous plants in my garden with 2 little kids running around… Mulberry silk worm only feed on, you might have guessed it, mulberry tree leaves. So first step is to get the tree…

And the seeds I ordered online arrived just couple of days ago. I prepared the seeds for stratification and yesterday I’ve put them in fridge, where they will stay for next 2 months. then hopefully few of them will sprout 😊


If growing the tree from seed doesn’t work out, I’ll order an actual tree online this winter.

Once the tree is established, i can go ahead and order the eggs of the silk worms. luckily silk worms are highly nutritious and lots of people use them for feeding reptiles, so they should be fairly easy to find online, together with extra food for the worms.

I will keep you posted on the progress in few months time 😊



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