Summer dress – WIP update

It’s been couple of weeks since my last post. I have been really busy with finishing off things in the house, after the downstairs renovation we were doing. It were stressful couple of weeks, as my dearest almost husband has decided that having a messy house is not enough and he turned our garden into a warzone as well. He has been working on insulating the shed, so he can start to brew his own beer… and that’s all only few weeks before my due date… This weekend it will be 7days to D-day, and the only thing I managed to do, to prepare for baby nr.2, is to sort out and wash some of the baby cloths…. But good news, my lovely mother in law has arrived to help out for next 5weeks. She really is an angel!

Anyways apart from doing electrics, plumbing, sanding&hanging doors, and other house related things, I was working every spare minute on the summery dress/tunic, I wrote about in my last post.

Unfortunately it’s not progressing as fast as I hoped. First I got stuck trying to come up with the final design of the doily centrepiece for the back part…. It took me countless attempts, but im happy how it turned out….

Being so busy with the house during the day, I did most of the crocheting in the middle of the night, when I was supposed to be sleeping. Of course it’s not surprising I made a lot of mistakes and had to re-do a lot of rows… If I crocheted the dress without frogging all the rows, I would probably be already starting my new project….😑

But I managed to work my way to the front part of the dress.


I’m still not really sure on how to finish it all, but hopefully I will come up with something by the time I finish the 2nd part. 😊


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