Busy with a new project…

Last friday I started yet another WIP, just because I’m not busy enough… 😒

Anyways, I had this idea in my head for quite some time. A summer beach dress/tunic type thing. So few months ago I’ve got 2 different types of cotton yarn, to make couple of doilies from and decide which one is more suitable. One was Phildar cotton2 and the other one was from Katia Mako 5.

Finally last friday, after I was done with the Minion hat, but couldn’t bring myself to work on the shawl for my MIL, I have decided to start making the test doilies for the summer dress…

IMG_20170531_161222I have started with the Katia yarn. It is a egyptian cotton, really nice silky and smooth.


After working for an hour or so I was hooked. I could not stop crocheting. By the end of the weekend I had a big part of the back part done…


And then I had a loooong a very critical look at it, and decided I don’t really like it… The centre piece was small and boring, the shape was not really what I had in mind… So Sunday evening I took most of the work apart, and redesign the whole project.

As always, Im not following any pattern, just using my imagination, so the progress is not really fast, but so far, I’m really happy how the center piece is turning out.


Also I have a whole new idea what shape the dress will have. Atm. it looks like I’ll have 3 weeks to finish it, wish me luck… 😌

And I hope you guys like it too 😊


5 thoughts on “Busy with a new project…

    1. thank you 😊, I’ve been crocheting for many years now, so it is actually not very difficult to design my own things without using someone elses pattern. i do look for inspiration on internet, but I hardly see stuff I would follow to the letter….

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