Another project finished!

And again, I’m very pleased to report a progress on another project. The whole thing started roughly 3 years ago, when I decided to knit a sweater for my baby boy (that wasn’t born yet). Knitting the mini cardigan took me back then just few days…. It was a simple, very straightforward design.


Then I bumped into a problem when I went to few shops and tried to find a suitable zipper… I don’t know why, but nothing I could find looked good. the zippers were either too big or too massive for a tiny newborn cardigan…. And then the baby was born and somehow the sweater ended up in a back of the drawer…..

Now almost 3 years later, I was going through the old newborn cloth, preparing for the arrival of baby nr.2 and I came across​ the little unfinished sweater.

So I decided to give up my search for a fitting zipper and change the closing to buttons.


Last week I managed to pop into our local craft store and found some cute wooden buttons, and this evening I took the time to finish it all off.

I still really like the way I made the closing for the zipper originally and maybe I will knit another sweater for baby nr.2 when he is few months older using the bigger zipper I have bought previously….



6 thoughts on “Another project finished!

    1. thanks! luckily we live in a small city and my favourite yarn/craft shop is only 15 min. walk…. otherwise this might have been one of those never ending projects… even though with only 5week away from my due date I had some extra motivation to finish it 😊


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