So after couple of weeks of putting all my projects on back burner and focusing on the house renovation, Im happy, I have some updates on my WIPs.

I have loads of projects half finished, but lately I’ve been focusing only on 2 of them.

First is the minion hat… I know, summer is coming, so why focus on a winter hat? Well, Im making the hat for a friend’s nephew. My friend’s family lives in Schotland and he manages to go home only once or twice a year. His next visit is in 2 weeks, so I promised him it will be ready by then.


So far all is progressing nicely. The outer layer is done, now Im knitting the inside layer. I have found out, that with thin knitted inner layer crocheted hats are much warmer, specially in a windy countries like the Netherlands or Schotland.

And the second project is the most annoying project of this year – the infamous shawl for my mother in law.


I decided to keep the pattern, and just changed the shape. She prefer wrap like shawl not a scarf, so im making it more round and no triangle. Until now I’m quite pleased with the results….

And my last wip is not craft related. I have decided that while the house is filthy from the house renovation, it is a good time to add few more sockets in the kitchen, so yesterday, I started to break down my house….


Finger crossed I won’t fry any of my appliances 😀


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