I see light at the end of tunnel – renovation in progress

Last week I have mentioned that we will be doing some renovation to to the ground floor. We were moving the downstairs toilet from a hallway under the stairs, so we open up the entrance hall, can get rid of one door in the living room,as we had two one leading from the hall into the livingroom and one leading from livingroom back to hall and to the stairs up…. I was a very weird layout, dutch design I guess, but by removing one door, we have gained a very nice sitting area in the living room, that I missed before…. However by moving the toiler under the stairs, we had to sacrifice our small pantry, so for couple of weeks we will have all the supplies boxed up, until we get new large cupboard in the kitchen… Time to start using all the stuff for cooking. I always keep buying new stuff for cooking, and don’t think much about stuff in pantry šŸ˜Š

received_10155372453375820Well anyways the work have started on monday. We have covered everything up on Sunday, to protect our stuff from dust.

And then me and the boy went to wave my dearest darling to the airport as he was leaving for business trip…. What a convenient timing šŸ˜‘

So since monday is me and the boy are trolling the streets of our town for majority of the day. Just walking aimlessly all over the place, stopping at every playground we see. Luckily the weather was ok for the whole week, and it only rained yesterday, but my almost husband took a day off so we could have a family day and go somewhere with a car (I do not drive).

This was our living room on wednesday:


The builders were hoping to be finished by friday, but there was a small problem with fitting the new door frames and they have to come work today as well… And one more day next week to paint and finish everything off…

But the end is near… I can almost start cleaning all the dust. And let me tell you, there is white dust everywhere. Like literally EVERYWHERE! no matter how well we covered our stuff. The builders were supposed to use dry wall sheets to build the new walls, but they used the aerated concrete blocks instead. And cutting those things makes 100times more mess than dry wall sheets. I’ll be cleaning the dust for weeks for sure.

Nevermind, so far the results are looking very good and even with the small delay, I’m very pleased how fast the work is progressing….


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