Using (rare) sunny days for gardening….

Once again not much progress on the knitting/crocheting/yarn front, but we had few ok days, so I decided to do bit of gardening. Actually today was really beautiful day (for rainy Netherlands that is) and I think I even got some tan 😀

Anyways, few weeks ago, I have decided to get rid of my veggie patch in the garden. We live in a city centre and our garden is not very big, plus we had lots of slugs last year and they’ve eaten most of my veggies. And most annoying was that that area was not really covered most of the year and it attracted all the neighbourhood cats to … , well you know what, in it, so we have turned that bit of garden into play area….

This year, Im planting everything in pots…. I had lots of them (the big grey one in the back) in shed anyway, and when we turned the veggie patch into play area for the boy, I dug out the dark, good looking soil and filled all the pots with it.


However I grew tomatoes and other heavily nutritien demanding plants there, so I spent last few days researching how to enrich the soil, so the plants will grow big and strong in it. Also since Im planing to keep using only pots for my plants in years to come and buying new potting soil every year would be an expensive hobby, I had to find a way to keep reusing the soil.


I already have a small compost barrel in the garden, that I bought last autumn, so hopefully next year I will have my own organic compost, but for this year I had to buy a bag from garden centre, together with some perlite, sand and a small bag of fertilizer.


I mixed it all with the soil I had in the pots and Im leaving it to rest for next few weeks, before I move my tomatoes outdoors. Good news is, I found some rain worms in the pots, which is a good sign, so hopefully the revitalise soil will be good enough for my plants.

I guess only time will tell… 😀



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