Visiting Knitting and stitch show

Is it seriously already wednesday evening??? Where did the week go?

Yesterday morning we have returned from a long weekend in UK and my days are all messed up… Coming monday we are starting small renovation of the downstairs floor, and I was hoping to have pantry and hallway cleared out by this point… I think I was being bit too optimistic with the planning. And with less than 8 weeks to the D-day, the whole project has a bit of unfortunate timing…. I wasn’t really concern before, but I was almost not allowed on the ferry because apparently Im too far in my 3rd trimester and that have put some things in perspective…. 😏

On the bright side, we had a lovely long weekend in Newcastle. I even took a day off of my parenting duties for like a whole day (first time in 2.5years) and went with my mother in law to a craft fair in Edinburgh. This was a first time I visited fair like that, and I had a really great time. However it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Majority of the stands were selling commercially produced products, yarns and fabric. I was hoping to see more of real handmade stuff. My mother in law also went last year to the same fair in Harrogate, and she said it was massive in compare with the one in Edinburgh…. We agreed next year we’ll try the show in London. That should be fun 😀

In any case I did manage to find a stand selling spinning&weaving tools and materials, and I bought myself a niddy noddy. I was planning to make one myself, but with the amount of other projects Im working on, I decided it’s just easier to buy one.


Also the stand was selling washed wool and some beautiful rovings. I bought myself a couple, so I have something to practise my spinning with. Nothing fancy with exciting colours, but the lady said it is a good wool when learning to spin.

My father in law also got me a new multitool, so I can finally finish the last adjustments on my spinning wheels and I can start to spin some of the wool Im currently hoarding in the house 😀.



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