Update on my most frustrating​ project of this year

Last week I wrote an blog on a shawl I was making for my mother in law, from a beautiful mohair-silk yarn.

Tomorrow we are leaving for a long weekend to UK to visit her, and I was working hard to finish it before we leave, so I could give it to her. This is how the shawl looked before last weekend:


I was not very happy with the shape. It is suppose to be more of a wrap  than a scarf, but it felt very tight around the shoulders. I was trying to find a way to adjust it, but the problem with this yarn is, that it’s very difficult to take the work apart if you make a mistake. I got very, very frustrated with working on it and under normal circumstances, I would just toss it into a drawer and never touch it again. But I really wanted to finish it for my mother in law, so I kept crocheting…

And after a few days of hard work, here is the the “progress”:


Yes, that’s right! I took it all apart. I took me 2 and half day to do so (well Im not quite done, but am very close now)….. With every row I crocheted I felt less and less happy about the result, so I finally gave up and decided to start over again. I almost cried the first couple of rows i was ripping it apart, but now, that I’m almost done, I know it was a right decision…..

It is very clear that I won’t make the deadline, but with the summer coming, she won’t really need it and I have some time to work on it. I just hope my 2nd attempt to make a shawl I like will be more of a success….




4 thoughts on “Update on my most frustrating​ project of this year

  1. I can imagine – well, I know from experience 😉- how you felt when you started ‘frogging’ it 😢The yarn is gorgeous, and I’m sure the right pattern will eventually find you…maybe you and your mother-in-law can go exploring on Ravelry. Have fun on your vacation! 🤗

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    1. i don’t remember the last time I made something following a pattern… I normally have no problem starting projects over and over again, but not with mohair yarn. anyways I already started the shawl again, and so far, it’s all working out… fingers crossed 😊

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