Finally some progress to share 😀

First of all Happy Easter everyone!

Today was a good day so far. I finally managed to finish the knitted cardigan and matching hat, I started to work on at least a month ago… It is a present for my friend’s newborn baby girl. Baby has been born couple of weeks ago, but lucky for me, my friend is taking it easy and is postponing visits for now. That gave me enough time to work on it. The cardigan was almost finished just before the baby was born, but then the baby turned out to be quite big, so I decided to re-do it all and make it a size bigger, which was a good decision, as im not sure when I get to meet her, and she probably wouldn’t fit in the size I originally made.

The sweater and hat are my own design (mostly improvising as I was making it), and I used Scheepjes  – Stoned washed yarn for it.

Also this weekend I had another excuse to bake a birthday cake. I call it “Death by chocolate”. As you can guess, it is a chocolate cake filled with a variation of chocolate german buttercream, covered with chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate sprinkles.

Original german buttercream is made from pudding and butter whisked together, but I replaced half of the butter with mascarpone. I find this version bit lighter, but still rich in flavour. It is a very heavy cake, but soooo gooood. And one thing is for sure, I’m skipping dinner tonight…. 😀


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