WIP update, or better said WI “not so much” progress….

So I started this entry few days ago, but then I realized there is not really much progress I could update you on….πŸ˜”

I have been very busy, but with no visible results. I’m sure you all know that feeling, like you haven’t sat down whole day, but in the end nothing has been really done.. It seems my whole life is in one big circle, running after a toddler, laundry, tiding after the toddler, groceries, running after the toddler, cooking, tiding after the toddler, dishes/cleaning up the kitchen…. Have I forgot something? Oh yeah, maybe some more running and tiding after the toddler… and then sleep….

And now projects that used to take me couple of weeks, are taking me couple of months to finish. But not to worry, there is a light at the end of tunnel. In just 2.5 months there will be a not only a toddler but also a newborn to take care of…

So instead of going on a rant how busy my life is, I should be happy I had time to: knit one sleeve on baby sweater, unravel 2 balls of super thick yarn, crochet half of C2C square for the car blanket, try to spin some yarn, just to find out I suck at it 😁

Well hopefully next week, I’ll even have something more constructive to update you on…. 😊


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