Back from holidays (if you can call visiting parents a “holiday”)…

So last night I finally got back from my parent’s place. I always love going back home, but after a week or so, I start to get restless and miss working on my projects and in my garden. Also this time, I had to take care of a VERY active toddler for 2 weeks on my own, as he was super clingy and needy. He wouldn’t leave mommy’s side for longer than few minutes. Luckily I’m still quite fit, and I could keep up with him (sort of), even though I need to look for some easy pull up shoes today. Thanks to growing belly, I cannot bend to tie my laces anymore 😀

But in those 2 weeks, I have managed to finally work on a present for my friend, who is expecting her baby girl in couple of weeks. She is a crocheter, so I had to come up with some cute knitted design. I only need to finish the sleeves and the part for buttons and button holes (does it have a proper name in english? I’ve got no idea…) and it will be all done.

received_10155204918520820I hope to finish it this week (famous last words 😁)

Also I made some progress with unravelling the super thick cotton yarn, that I intend to re-dye and re-ply into thinner yarn as a practice for working on my spinning wheel. Pity I only had limited space in my suitcase and couldn’t take all of the yarn with me, I would probably already be done with it. 😑


Aaaand the last news: when I got home last night, I found a package waiting for me. My new hand carders have arrived! I’m so excited, they look so pretty and feel very light. I cannot wait to test them out.


I should have some time to do so. I told my hubby I’m taking the weekend off and he is responsible for taking care of the boy! But the weather should be nice, so I already planned a family trip to garden centre and hope to prepare my garden for the spring/summer a bit….

So many projects/ideas, so little time….. 😐


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