Working on my spinning wheel and other projects…

It’s been a week since my last post and once again I haven’t done much of knitting or crocheting. I have spent most of my free time reading and researching online about spinning wheels, drum carders, niddy noddies and tools to process wood.

Little bit more than half a year ago, I’ve got an old spinning wheel. It looked great, but the wheel was always only used for decoration, no real spinning was ever done with it and i could not figure out why it is not doing what it was design to do…

So I once again turned to google for advice, and started to learn more about spinning wheels. After some extensive research,I found out, that even if my wheel looks very nice, it still misses a break, so I have to do some adjustments to it.

Also I found out, that there are different types of spinning wheels, depending what tension they use. Mine turned out to have an Irish tension ( bobbin lead) which basically means the bobbin is hooked to the drive band and gives the yarn the necessary twist. Also apparently  it is great for spinning thicker yarn or plying, however it is not the best type of spinning wheel for beginners . Another type is with Scotch tension, where the drive band is either on flyer (the trident like part with those little hooks) or on pulley ( a small wheel attached to flyer). This type of tension has lesser pull, so it is better for spinning thin yarn and also easier to use for beginners.

So after finding out all of that, I decided to convert my spinning wheel into one that can switch between the two types… I have made a design already, but since tomorrow Im leaving for holidays for 2 weeks, to see my parents in Slovakia, I have postponed the further work on it. I will just take few wooden discs with me, to see if my dad can carve some grooves into them, for my new bobbins, that Im also planning to make myself. I love working on projects like that and I cannot wait to get started…. 😊

I’m even thinking of making my own drum carder… After seeing like 100 different pictures and videos of them, I still cannot figure out why on earth would they cost so much….😒 But that is a long term project…

Anyways, even though research has took up most of my time, I still found some spare minutes (more like hours) to start working on yet another project:

Ireceived_10155152462235820 have found this old cotton yarn, that I brought with me from Slovakia long time ago… It is very thick, loosely plyed with 7 threads and not usable for many things…


So I have decided to unspin it into singles… Dye half of it darker colour and then plye it again with 4 threads, 2 light grey,  2 some darker shade… Unravelling the yarn is a long process, but the next 2 weeks I will have plenty of time to work on it 😊

I think it will also be a good practise for my spinning wheel, until I finish converting it fully and start using it for normal wool spinning….


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