Dyeing wool: experiment nr.2

So Im very proud to say, that this was one of the most productive weekends I had in a long time. As I wrote in my previous post, I started on Thursday experimenting with dyeing some wool.

On thursday I did first 3 colours and on Saturday I added 1 more colour to my collection. I went for purple. I don’t know what I did wrong and I don’t think i did anything different to the other times, but the batch still came out dyed very unevenly. Next time i have to make sure to fluff out the wool more before putting it in the pot, but since it was already wet I did’t want it to felt. Also the purple colour seems to be breaking and soaking in differently than other colours I tried so far. Well in the end, the idea is to blend all the colours together, so having an uneven result isn’t a big problem….


I also had some already carded wool, that i rolled up into so called rolags. On Friday I decided to try dye them in oven this time with several different colours for nice variegated effect. So I rolled up my rolags into small ball balls and got started. I prepared 2 colours: red and blue and tried to apply the colours on different sections on the wool. I hoped they will stay separated on some parts and blend on others and that will create a third colour…I covered it tightly and put in oven for an hour on 120celsius. Well im not going to go into details, but it was a failure and it wasn’t at all what i expected….

So next morning i decided to re- dye it all on stove top. This time I chose purple for the base colour and added blue into the middle of each rolag. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when i started this experiment, but I have to say, im happy with the final result.

And now “all” that’s left to do, is to learn how to spin wool and I can start making my own yarn. But that is a topic for another post (hopefully before the end of 2017)….


4 thoughts on “Dyeing wool: experiment nr.2

      1. I’m really unfamiliar with felting myself, but I believe all you really need is a felting needle which you can find at any craft store. I did it a few times as a kid and it’s extremely simple. You should try it!


      2. I have an idea how to do felting, but i need to find out what it can be used for. like what kind of things can be made… But for now, I’m busy fixing and converting an old decorational spinning wheel into a fully functional one… 😊

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