Dyeing wool – experiment nr. 1.

In the last few days I haven’t done any knitting or crocheting and only a very little baking as I was mostly busy processing the washed wool I have been storing in the attic since the summer. I have 2 different types, both coming from some generic dutch sheep breeds. But they were both different quality. One with shorter finer locks and the other longer bit coarser wool.

The coarser wool was from a sheep from a local petting farm, so the fleece was full of vegetable matter and dirt. After I washed it, i found a video how to remove lots of dirt by basically shaking the wool really hard. That worked well for cleaning the wool, but it wasn’t that great for keeping the locks intact, it actually turned my fleece into one big messy fluff of wool. So before carding it, I have used the flicker brush to get rid of the biggest tangled mess and organized the wool into a small sections, almost like a man made locks (if that makes any sense)…

On thursday I started my first dyeing experiment. I have started with the coarser uncarded wool, and dyed it in 3 different colours: red, yellow and orange. Well the orange turned out darker than I wanted, so I have to find better way of mixing my colours.

I used the Wilton’s food colouring gels and i love the deep shades I managed to achieve in the end.

Im in a process of dyeing the last section of the wool purple and the idea is to blend all 4 colours together. I hope it will work out ok, and will get nice variegated yarn as final result….


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