Wool processing: the beginning…

So after 25 years of knitting and crocheting, last year I’ve taken my yarn obsession into the next level and  decided to start making my own yarn.

The whole idea started about a year ago, after meeting a very lovely woman that was visiting here from UK. She was telling me how she processes, dyes, spins, veaws and does all kind of stuff with raw fleece. It was all very fascinating, and I decided to give it a try.

20160419_182024 I ordered some raw wool online and I bought a whole sheep fleece from a farm close by and started to process it…

It took me quite some time to wash half of my new stash ( the other half is still untouched in the shed 😳), but I had to do it all outside in a small sink. I could have done it in one time in the big bath, but for the first time my boyfriend drew a line and refused to let me bring the dirty sheep fleece into the house… Me, being a reasonable woman, i could see his point… But still how very annoying….

All the washing took place in the summer, and i was looking forward to the long winter evenings, imagining me sitting in a warm living room in front of TV, spinning some beautifully coloured wool….. Yeah right…

Not much has happened since the summer. Now and then I combed and carded some of the wool, and I even tried hand spinning it, but the spinning wheel I bought half a year ago, became my sons favourite toy. No actual wool spinning has ever been done on it. Luckily my dearest likes it as a decoration, and didnt force me to get rid of it yet (I did promise him, that if i don’t use it till the end of 2016, i will sell it again… well that was never going to happen anyway)

So fast forward to yesterday: I had a short nap in the afternoon, and wasn’t feeling too tired in the evening, so i pulled out my almost forgoten washed wool, and while last X-men movie was on TV, i happily worked through some of stash (still no actual spinning done 😑)


Also online I found a set of old cooking pots for free, that im going to pick up tonight, so tomorrow or friday I will experiment with dyeing some of the carded wool… That should be fun, I hope. In any case wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted… 😊


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