Finally a decent result…

I wasn’t planing to write another post on baking bread, baguettes or buns, but i have been experimenting with a different recipe over the weekend.

On friday, the buns turned out nicely, but they were bit dense on the inside. On Saturday, i tried another recipe, made the dough and also shaped the buns in the evening and left them proof overnight in fridge…. The idea was to take them out and bake them first thing in the morning. Bad, bad idea…

Itwp-1486989283122.jpg might work for proofing bread in a basket, but with my free form buns it was a disaster. Anyways the rest of the baking was a disaster too. They came out of the oven flat and dense and not nice at all. Total failure…. 😒

So I started to google and watch youtube videos to see why my bread and buns always turn out very dense. And i came across a short video, demonstrating how NOT to knead a dough in a mixer. Well needless to say, it was EXACTLY the way my mixer kneads the dough. Basically the mixer does not knead the dought, it is just spinning around on the hook…. I have this C shaped hook and they are not the best. Hope i can find a spiral hook for the machine.

Now, that i had another thing I could improve,  I tried again yesterday.  I cheated a bit once again and got a box with bread mix. I started to mix the dough in the machine for few minutes until everything was well combined, and then I finished of the kneading by hand for another 10 minutes… After couple of stretch& folds in the next hour, the dough went into the fridge.

This morning, when i went to check on it, i got bit of a shock. Normally the dough rises very nicely, sometimes it touches the lid of the container. This time, the dough rose well above the top, it even pushed the lid open.

So i took it out of the fridge quickly, deflated the dough and shaped it into few baguettes. I had some other things planed, so the baguettes were proofing for almost 3 hours. And again they trippled (at least) in volume…I was worried I overproofed them, and was affraid to do the poke test. I was also considering not scoring them, so they don’t deflate, but I tried with one, and all went good. The first batch came out bit dark, but i was watching the 2nd one very carefully and it was just beautiful. Pity I didn’t take a picture of the them just after i shaped them for comparison. The form could have been better, but that is something I’ll work on next time….

Toreceived_10155081943535820 be honest, i feel bit strange for being so excited about bread, but this is what i was hoping to achieve for the last year 😊

I have no idea what they put into those bread mixes, but it must be some seriously awesome stuff… Still next time no cheating and hopefully i will get the same results…


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