Another productive day behind me…

After a week of pure laziness, i decided to be a bit productive today. Yesterday I went to town to do some shoe shopping, but instead of shoes I came home with new tools for my bread baking experiments.

I finally bought myself a proper dough scraper and also I found a danish whisk, that i couldn’t resist buying.

received_10155073989400820Of course I had to test my new “toys” the same day and after the kid was fast asleep, I started to prepare the dough. Well I have to admit, the whisk is not really an essential piece of equipment for breadmaking, but I don’t regret one bit getting one.

This morning, after the usual long overnight fermentation, it was time to get busy.

I’ve decided to make few buns and they turned out very nicely…

This afternoon we had a Valentine’s lunch, organized by lovely ladies of our mommy group.

I’ve decided to be the responsible adult and make some healthy snacks, heart shaped tomatoes and grapes, as everyone else was bringing cookies and chocolate.


The rest of the afternoon we just spent playing and doing crafts with our little monsters.

Overall a very productive day, and couple of hours ago a friend asked me to make a minion hat for his nephew, so it seems also the evening will be quite productive ๐Ÿ™‚



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