When life hands you lemons, make a cup of tea and start baking….

Ok, so maybe no lemons have been handed to me and I actually went to a supermarket and bought them myself, but it has been one of those weeks, when you wonder why you even bothered to get up in the morning….

Nothing really bad happened, it just seemed everything i touched went wrong.

First of all my laptop died… Well not completelly, it just stopped charging. So tonight I will try to open it and see if I can fix it. Wish me luck!

Luckily, i have my tablet for regular surfing, but I hate touchscreen devices, so i feel kind of lost without my laptop 😞

After that I have not been in the best mood for the rest of the week and got annoyed with lots of other unimportant things.

Anyways yesterday my dearest darling decided he wants bagels with salmon. Off course he didn’t realize bagels are not a big thing in the Netherlands and you cannot just walk into a local supermarket and get them there. So seeing his dissapointment, I decided to bake him few myself. I did cheat a bit and bought box of bread mix, but that’s mainly because i had no idea how bagels are made and i wanted to make sure they are edible. Last night, I youtubed several different recipes and it all seemed quite simple.

Growing up, the only bread we had was proper sourdough bread, so when baking anything bread like, i prefer the long overnight fermentation. Leaving the dough in fridge overnight also gives you more flexibility to when you bake it.

This morning, i woke up with stuffy nose and headache. That calls for typical eastern european black tea with lots of sugar and lots of lemon. That always makes me feel much better.

Ok then, it was time to start baking. First, I made the normal breakfast rolls, that I usually make on Sunday. Luckily the dough for rolls is almost the same as for the bagels, so I didn’t have to make 2 different batches. The dough, i prepared the night before, looked smooth and silky with lots of air bubbles and i was very pleased with it. Also the rolls turned out very nicely… Then it was the bagel’s turn to be made. All was going great, until it was time to take them out of the oven…. They were all stuck to the baking stone… πŸ˜’ Oh well, I just scraped them of the stone and served them like that…

They were ok i guess, and didn’t taste bad at all, but im a perfections in some things, so I was’t very impressed with the results… Under normal circumstances, I would curse the hell out of it, but today I was just like: “whatever, i couldn’t care less…” And then, since the oven was already on, I decided to also bake brownies….

Life can be beautiful with bit of chocolate cake on your plate πŸ˜„


2 thoughts on “When life hands you lemons, make a cup of tea and start baking….

    1. I spent once summer in south of Spain and we had lemon trees and limes in the garden too. Those lemons were huge 😊 But for now the only place I will be able to go get them is the local supermarket, or maybe a city market if I feel like going.


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