So many projects, so little time….

It’s the end of January and i still didn’t ditch the only New Year’s resolution I had this time: For every new yarn i buy, i have to make something with some of the yarn I already have in the house…

Well maybe it’s because of the cold weather, or because of being sick and lazy, but i havent been out shopping much, so it wasn’t very difficult to restrain myself from buying new yarn.

However sitting at home and thinking of all the things i want to make in the next couple of months, have forced me to go through my stash of yarn to see what i have, and what I could possibly do with it, and then i realized i might have bit of a problem with sticking with a project till the end.

Here is a quick recap of unfinished projects i found so far (and i haven’t been through all of my boxes yet):

  • 4 blankets (two of them only need weaving the ends)
  • scarf
  • 2 hats
  • mittens
  • 3 sweaters
  • shawl
  • poncho
  • summer top
  • bedroom curtains

Here are some of them:collage-2017-01-30-1

  • and my personal favourite: laundry basket full of washed fleece waiting to be carded, and spun..….

And those are the things i actually intend to finish… The big question is, when?

Maybe i should just stop being so lazy and get organised. Make a plan with deadlines for each project, like i used to do in my previous life, when I was still sitting in the office whole day and before my pregnancy brain developed into mommy brain.

One day…. Maybe one day I`ll do just that, but it for sure won`t be today…


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