C2C blankets are suppose to be fun

Part 1:

For the past year I`ve been seeing all over the internet patterns for beautiful crocheted blanket s with the corner to corner technique.

Gorgeous monkeys, bears, hearts, you name it, I`ve seen it….

So of course I decided to give it a try. Well, lets start with something small and simple. My son loves car, so I googled a simple design on Ravelry with few small graphs of cars, tractor and plane. “This looks like fun, lets make him a blanket with different squares. That wont take long and he will love it” I thought to myself…. Yeah right…. C2C blankets are so easy to make, they say… You`ll have fun crocheting them, they say….

Now, after 2 evenings spent trying not to lose my temper and after half a square done, I’m left with messy and completely tangled yarn.


But I`m not giving up…. Half a square done… God knows how many still to go….


So few days later, and i finally found a way to avoid tangling of my yarn. The squares are starting to look how i imagined it. I still need to figure out how big i want the blanket to be, and how I want the blocks to be connected… One step at the time šŸ™‚


Part 3 (final chapter):

coming soon… Hopefully…


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